Port Douglas Wedding Chapel – St Mary’s by the Sea

St Mary’s by the Sea in Port Douglas is a gorgeous little white weather board, non denominational wedding chapel. Located in amongst the palm trees and tropical gardens on the northern side of the Port Douglas water front. Just 40 meters from the beach, St Mary’s is a popular ceremony venue for destination weddings, attracting interstate couples to Port Douglas to escape the southern winter for over 25 years.

Seating around 100 people, St Mary’s by the Sea  can comfortably accommodate most average sized destination weddings. It provides a perfect casual yet traditional setting for a wedding ceremony, with its beautiful wooden Silky Oak pews, original timber flooring, a high pitched ceiling and tropical themed stained glass windows. It’s white and bright with a classic yet tropical feeling. Another of St Mary’s special features and it’s real point of difference is it’s oversized crystal clear altar window. This allows clear views through the coconut palm’s, past the historic Sugar Wharf , over the Coral Sea to Thornton’s Peak and the Daintree rainforest beyond. It really is Amazing !

Another fantastic feature that St Mary’s by the Sea has is it’s handy location. It’s situated on the waterfront at the northern end of  lively Macrossan stand opposite the Courthouse Hotel, ( where you’ll generally find wedding guests passing the time between the ceremony and the reception) The park that St Mary’s is in runs along the waterfront and is the perfect location for wedding photography. It has so many iconic Port Douglas images, palms, ocean, beaches, giant fig trees,tropical gardens, Rex Smeal Park, Little Cove, The Historic Sugar Wharf and St Mary’s by the Sea itself, all within a short stroll. It is also the only spot in the area where you can watch the sun set behind the mountains over water. It’s perfect for bridal parties that don’t want to travel to specific locations and would prefer to keep it real with a fun walk around the area.

If you would like to view a couple of St Mary by the Sea weddings you can find them here

Karlie & Daniel – St Mary’s by the Sea ceremony

Kristy & Justin – St Mary’s by the Sea ceremony

Kylie & Ryan – St Mary’s by the Sea Wedding Ceremony

St Mary's Port Douglas

A sample of Kylie & Ryan's , St Mary's by the Sea, Wedding Ceremony

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Bendigo Wedding Photographer & Port Douglas Wedding Photographer – Shaun Guest

People have been asking where I’m at.  And the answer really depends on when you ask. I currently have two wedding photography businesses, this one – Port Douglas Photography and also Bendigo Wedding Photographer – Shaun Guest . They are harmonious in that when Port Douglas is busy Bendigo isn’t, and visa versa. It works in 6 month seasons and is seamless.

A little History. I’m Victorian 100% , I grew up in country Victoria and developed my love for photography and completed all of my study in Vic, so is Shelly, it’s our home. In 2001, wanting change and a little adventure, we packed up the car, left Melbourne and did the 3 day drive north to Port Douglas. It was the best thing we could have done. Port Douglas welcomed us as it does everyone with big wide open arms. It’s a really beautiful, unique little village with sooo much soul and for us has become our second home. We started Port Douglas Wedding Photography there. Our little girl was born there and was soon followed by our twin boys. It was a ten year long bear hug and in that time Port Douglas Wedding Photography grew into a really great boutique wedding photography business that I am just so proud of. I honestly know that as a wedding photographer I have done my best there, I’ve taken photographs there that are firsts for the local industry, I’ve treated the locations and the light differently and with more respect than any other wedding photographers before me. I’ve met and photographed over 500 wedding couples  and every year since I began I feel as though I’ve gotten better at it and most importantly, I still love it.

The only issue Port Douglas had for us ,was the low season. Nov – March, five months of hot, wet, humid, cyclone looming no wedding hellness. Not what we signed up for at all, but we had the answer. 6 months in this home, 6 months in that home.

With a little location/school/business research, mammoth effort and and 3 extras, Shelly and I packed the car again 10 years after the first time , and made the return trip home to Victoria.  Parents, brothers, sisters , lots and lots of cousins for the kids, fresh eyes and with a whole lot of enthusiasm, we decided on Bendigo.

So back to the question, “Where am I at” ? Business wise there is a general rule which is, I photograph weddings from Bendigo servicing all areas of Victoria , from November – May every year and then Weddings in Port Douglas from May – Oct, there is flexibility in the start and finish dates and this is dictated by bookings. Port Douglas Photography is strong and booking out early as it does every year and Bendigo Wedding Photographer , having just finished my first season is looking like it’s going to be the same as Port Douglas.

If there is any doubt at all about how this works, please contact me here for Port Douglas Wedding Photography and here for Bendigo Wedding Photographer – Shaun Guest and I’ll clear it all up for you.

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It’s robotic.

Feel, compose, expose, repeat.

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Cairns Wedding Photographer, Cairns Botanical Gardens Wedding – Emily & Chris

I’ve only shot two weddings at the Cairns Botanical Gardens in seven years. This is Emily & Chris. Cairns Wedding Photography

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I start getting ready for tomorrows wedding in about 6 hours. I’ll set the photo booth up on the Sugar Wharf around 8am and then go straight to the house where the bride and groom are getting ready. It’s a mansion that overlooks the ocean and low isle from the top of the hill in Port Douglas. I’ll be with the group all day and most of the night until we say our goodbyes at around midnight, I should be home by around 1am Tuesday morning. It’ll be a long day.

I met with them today for the first time and I know it’ll be great. She is calm and lovely and he reminds me of my older brothers friend who is the honorary fifth brother to our four brother sisterless family. All happy and animated  I already know that he’ll be a great groom.

I was in bed. But this has been on my mind for about six months now and tonight it’s gotten the better of me.

There is an image I took at a wedding in Daylesford Victoria that i’m in love with but it’s not really about the picture. I never processed it or delivered it to the client, but I remember being there and taking it so clearly. I remember how calm I felt when I found it, so obvious. A “This is what it’s all about” zen kinda moment.  I looked at it on the back of the camera, again when I uploaded later that night but haven’t since. I think about it from time to time,  and the feeling that  I had and the way it makes me feel and how many times photography has given me that feeling before over the last 23 years. I know how it sounds. I’m a little cynical by nature, but then it is what it is. I feel very lucky and I find it fascinating.

Nothing amazing about these little grass flowers

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